Yardage Gains using Trackman

eWhat will give me more yardages, how and why do the pro's hit it so far, why does my playing partner hit much further than I do?
These are common questions that we come across most weeks so here's an insight into how these gains can be achieved. Some of the above reasons are physical and most people will not spend time in the gym improving their strength and explosive power but there are other ways to maximise your potential. This week the current county champion Richard Aisbitt asked the question as to why someone with similar club head speed had 30-40 yards advantage over him.
Comparing a PGA Tour Pro with only 3-4 mph more club head speed, why was he hitting it so much shorter? We arranged a Trackman session to see what was causing him to miss out on those extra yards.
Obviously club head speed is very important that goes without saying, and the longest drivers definitely do have speed. An impact close to the middle of the clubface matters more than people realise, but several factors combined equate to serious yardage gains:

1. Centred strike
2. Spin rate
3. Club head speed
4. Launch angle
5. Attack angle

More ball speed with the correct launch and spin translates to more distance. Off centre strikes will effect spin and reduce ball speed.
Main problem for Richard was attack angle.
Richard started his Tuesday session with an attack angle of -5 (hitting down) resulting in low dynamic loft, a ball that launched too low, low on carry, and a spin rate that was too high.
Take Bubba Watson's attack angle of +7 degrees (striking upward) when he launches one into outer space, plus having the correct shaft and loft on his driver. All factors in gaining distance.
A slight grip change, ball position moved further forward, and by the end of the session a change of attack angle to +4 (hitting up) resulted in higher launch, lower spin, and increased ball speed and nearly 40yrds extra carry!
Visually his initial trajectory was too low but with Trackman providing pin point data on his launch conditions the change was immediate and the yardage gain was huge!
We all have the potential to hit it further and lower our scores we just need to know how. Ask Richard how + 40yrds feels!

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